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Southeast Seniors Board of Directors


  • Kathleen Davis, Chair

  • Darla Wexler, Vice Chair

  • Karl Smith, ​Treasurer

  • John Degan, Secretary

Southeast Seniors board member and volunteer sitting together outside at community event.


  • John Degan

  • Jim Drake

  • Ardes Johnson

  • Kay Jones

  • Kristin Midelfort

  • David Moseman

  • Toni Pendergrast

  • Kathleen Reilly

  • Karen Sorensen

Board Responsibilities

  • Hire and set compensation for the Executive Director.

  • Review and approve the budget and monitor financial affairs of the organization.

  • Advance the mission of the organization.

  • Monitor and communicate trends in order to plan for the present and future.

  • Advocate for the organization by promoting Southeast Seniors to the general public.

  • Participate in board development activities.

  • Actively serve on at least one committee.

  • Participate in fundraising activities.

  • Ensure documentation of meetings is accurate and retained.

  • Plan for successors.

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